Socially Integrated Augmented Reality

Using AR, we restored iconic murals by Latino artists in their original locations that had been painted over and forgotten. Leveraging Snapchat’s AR technology, participants were able to point their phones at an exterior wall to reveal the vibrant street art that once lived there. USA Today ran a feature on the activation and the official YouTube video garnered over 160,000 views.

Client: El Pollo Loco
Date: 2015-10-08
Services: Augmented Reality
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Identifying the muralists

The first step in bringing this concept to life was identifying the appropriate muralists and artwork locations that we would be reviving. To accomplish this, we worked alongside NVE’s Brand Strategy department to identify 3 prominent Hispanic muralists who each had artwork that was destroyed over the years.

On-site Photography & AR Development

After the muralists and artwork had been selected, we went on location to take location photos to be used in the AR image detection. We used these reference photos along with reference images from the original murals to remaster the original artwork and map it onto the current location architecture.

Signage & Snapcodes

Finally, we created signage that featured SnapCodes along with a brief description of the project that was posted at each location to allow people to easily unlock the custom filter and experience the mural in Augmented Reality.