Liquid IV Remix Booth

Cognition created a custom remix booth for Liquid IV at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival with a custom 20×30 traveling footprint! For those who don’t know, this 4 day festival, which takes place in rural Tennessee & draws more then 80,000 festival goers, all who were beyond grateful to see LIV in the sweltering heat! In typical fashion, our Renders to Reality were spot on with the vibrant brand colors & dynamic design popping out from across the festival grounds. Once inside the footprint, consumers were delighted to try all 3 of the hero flavors at our wet sampling bar as well as help themselves to some sticks to-go for additional hydration throughout the day.

Chateau Ciroc Video Booth

Cognition created a video booth platform that allows guests to enter the party in style. Our video platform system captured guests as they were revealed by automated elevator doors creating a unique video takeaway.


COGNITION developed a game show modeled after “Name That Tune”. With three contestants on stage at podiums, our host rolled a clip of a Cameo message that started out extremely pixilated and got clearer as the clip ran. The first person to buzz in with the correct answer was the winner!


We created a soccer dribbling skill test that allowed young athletes to compete against each other as well as against a “ghost lap” of a professional athlete running the exact course. We leveraged dynamic intelligent lighting to not only showcase the pro-athlete’s progress through the course as compared to the young athletes but also create a visually interesting design.