Fandom The Metallic Menace

Cognition’s challenge involved creating a design for a 10-foot fabricated metal monster based on hand-drawn illustrations. We then transformed this design into a 3D model, complete with rigging and animations. The final product brought the monster to life using augmented reality at Comic Con 2023’s Interactive Zone in downtown San Diego, captivating a large audience on-site.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

To compliment our Anastasia Beverly Hills Hollywood Party, we created a unique Snapchat AR Lens which guests could scan at the party to activate on their phones using a Snapcode. The lens featured animated weeping willows which were the focal point of the event. The filter allowed guests to share moments through a unique, branded augmented reality experience.


Using AR, we restored iconic murals by Latino artists in their original locations that had been painted over and forgotten. Leveraging Snapchat’s AR technology, participants were able to point their phones at an exterior wall to reveal the vibrant street art that once lived there. USA Today ran a feature on the activation and the official YouTube video garnered over 160,000 views.